Bride Asks Guests To Dress According To Their Weight, Gets Put In Place On Reddit

Weddings and Dress Codes are normal.

But, what this woman has done is no way near normal. First of all, the lady we are talking about comes up with a ridiculous dress code for her wedding that not only discriminates between people but is also highly expensive.

Secondly, she lashes out and starts ranting on a Facebook post as soon as she learns that someone leaked her dress-code requirements online (Which is obviously not surprising. You will understand soon enough).

To top it all off, she comes up with a genius idea to catch the culprit who made her earlier posts go viral. So, here we are showing you everything that’s been going on recently from start to the end. Also, read what people had to say regarding the whole scenario at the end.

Scroll down and take a look!


The wedding.

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This is what she posted after someone leaked the dress-code to the wedding.

And If you’re wondering what was so “special” about the dress-code that it had to be shown to the world. Here you go!

Here’s a visual representation of what the bride wants the guests to look like.

Women 100-160lbs.

Men 100-200lbs

Of course, let’s not forget the children AND the ‘invisible’ fat people because yeah why not?

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This is how the internet responded, and I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with them.

High-heels dance on SAND.

The weather condition is another thing to consider.

I agree with each one of them.

What is your take on this? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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