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People Are Losing Over This Black Guy's Hilarious Service Offer 'Guess Who's Coming Dinner Service' On Craigslist

People Are Losing Over This Black Guy’s Hilarious Service Offer ‘Guess Who’s Coming Dinner Service’ On Craigslist

Family can get on your nerves.

You love them, obviously, but there’s no doubt that there are a few people (aunts, cousins, etc) that really get on your nerves. And since you meet them on the holidays, they sour the mood. They ask the same old questions and we give the same old answers. And then there are the dreaded disapproving looks because you are not doing ‘enough’ with your life.

So how about a wrench in the works? This guy has quite the bargain for you. Wesley Peterson is offering “Guess who’s coming to dinner” family service on Craigslist.

I might just take him up on his offer.

Are you a cool white girl with a RACIST ass immediate or extended family? Do you need to fuck the holidays up one time? Do you need a “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” situation, but less “Sidney Poitier” and more “Ving Rhames in Baby Boy”?

Hire me as yo #ThanksgivingBae. The regular package of me pullin up in grey sweats, an X hat, and an African necklace is gas money and a functioning microwave (I brought my own plate, I’m not eatin your Nana’s Easy Mac casserole, fuck all that), but there are several additional packages to choose from!:

-Tell your parents I met you at a YG concert and slap yo booty everytime you get up from the table: +$10

-Sneak in “Black Lives Matter” in every discussion, daring someone to check me: +$12

-Run up on your pedophile uncle: +=13.14

-Call Trump a bitch and get mad that yall only have Coors Light: $16

-Set a handgun on the table before saying grace: +$50

Call Now!

I especially like the last one.


Who wouldn’t wanna call this guy!?


Twitter couldn’t stop cracking up at his post.

Who likes Nana’s easy mac casserole anyway?

Some people just wanted….him rather than hiring him.

There is however, one question on everyones mind.

Me too!

I’m hoping that someone did hire him. As I would love to see a video of him doing all these things in front racist ass people.

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