Grumpy Cat Has Won $710K In A Copyright Lawsuit Against The Coffee Company Grenade

Grumpiness for the win.

Apparently, it pays to be grumpy. At least that is true when you are a cat. I am sure you all know the infamous grumpy cat. She is the face of a thousand memes and also the face of the iced coffees by Grenade or at least she used to be. 

You see the coffee company Grenade had agreed with Grumpy Cat Limited that they could use Grumpy Cat’s image to sell Grenade’s “Grumppucinos.” However, Grenade broke that agreement and sold other “grumpy” products.

Tardar Sauce was not gonna let them get away with that.

So yes, Grumpy Cat limited sued the company for breaching the contract in 2015 after Grenade started selling Grumppicino t-shirts and roasted coffee. Apparently, Grenade had “blatantly infringed” their copyright and trademarks.

The jury sided with Grumpy Cat Limited, and they won $750,000 in damages.

Grenade Beverage does claim Grumpy Cat’s owners had not held up their end of the bargain either. As they did not promote their drinks on social media, so Grenade countersued.

Grenade also says that the Grumpy Cat’s owners alleged that the cat was due to appear in a film alongside actors Jack Black and Will Ferrell. However, we all know there is no such film.

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