Twitter User Noticed This Gruesome Details In ‘Shrek’ & It Will Wrench Your Heart

Spoiler Alert: This will ruin Shrek for you.

You might have thought that Shrek is a classic family-friendly movie and nothing dark is hidden beneath the surface. After all, doesn’t everyone become free at the end? Well, as it turns out, not everyone does become free.

I can understand why you wouldn’t have noticed this because I didn’t realize this hidden detail myself. And I really wish this Twitter user should have kept it to himself. But they didn’t so here we are.

Are you ready to face the truth?


1. In Shrek, when they want to sell donkey, theyโ€™re also selling the bear family.

2. When the characters appear in Shrekโ€™s swamp, Papa and Son bear appear crying.

3. Then, they show that Lord Farquaad has this rug.

Notice the mother bear in this?

Where is she now?

Doesn’t this rug look familiar?

Why did you have to cement this as absolute truth!?

I feel the same!

My happiness has been stolen!


Exactly! Why did you have to do this!?

It’s so sad though because I loved Shrek.

Isn’t it supposed to be family-friendly?

I was surprised as well.

Who is cutting the onions again?

People just love ruining other’s happiness.

But he did!


How will we ever recover from this?

Did you already know about this? Or did you know this a while ago? Share your thoughts down below in the comments.

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