Grown Man Is Scolded By His Mother After Shaming A Woman For Breastfeeding

There’s a confusing stigma around breastfeeding.

Apparently, when babies are hungry, they shouldn’t be fed? Or something like that? Anyway, say hi to Tanja Krstic Radusinovic. She is a photographer and a self-described “breastfeeder, housekeeper, diaper changer, hairdresser, Lego builder, and monster chaser”. That’s just her way of saying she’s a mother.

Image Source: Tanja Krstic Radusinovic

So, one day, the mother was minding her own business at the pool when her child got hungry.

And like a good mother, she chose to feed him. Now, they were in public, so she covered herself up with the towel entirely. But if you strained, you could hear the little gulps of the child drinking, and that’s exactly what Kevin did.

Kevin is a man in his 40s who walked over to her, asked her if she was breastfeeding, and asked her to not do it there. This is basically the most click-baity way of saying it, but what happened next will surprise you.

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But that’s not all that happened

“She didn’t look like someone who would use f word like ever! She said more F words than I used in one year and I’ve got three kids!”

However, despite the badassery of the 70-year old mom, Radusinovic never got around to thanking her.

“I wanted to talk to her but she was gone. When she returned, she looked mad and I was scared to say anything!”

But luck was on her side because Kevin’s mom and his daughter showed up not five minutes later.

“His wife wasn’t there at the moment [the incident happened] but she showed up five minutes after and said, ‘I know what happened’. She didn’t talk to him either.”

Overall, the incident started with her getting upset, but turned into some solid entertainment.

“I’m glad things are changing, but I have had things like this happen too many times. You don’t approach a woman about nursing her child. If I was bottle-feeding he’d never say that.”

Image Source: Tanja Krstic Radusinovic
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