Dude Created A Group Chat With Ex-Girlfriends To Wish Them Merry Ex-mas & Hilarity Ensues

Merry Christmas to you all!

Christmas is a festive time when everyone comes together to share love and gifts – mostly gifts. However, it is not a time when you decide to get all your ex-girlfriends together in a WhatsApp group and wish them Merry Ex-Mas.

Although, one guy did just that. He thought it would be a good idea to put all of his ex-girlfriends together on Christmas. As you can imagine, it went as well as you’d expect. However, I would not count this as completely futile as he did succeed somewhat even while looking like a complete a**hole.

So scroll on below to take a look at how this all went. And don’t forget to wish your current partner Merry Christmas!

While it might have been a horrible idea, things seemed okay at first.

But that soon changed when more of his ex-girlfriends started responding.

Let’s just say not all of his past relationships ended peacefully and there was definitely some animosity somewhere in between.

Rather than just apologising, he kept egging everyone on instead of dissolving the group.

Surprisingly enough though, it ended better than you’d expect.

I have no idea why Gemma would want to meet with this guy again since he doesn’t seem like such a stand-up guy but who am I to judge someone else’s life choices. All I can say is that this was definitely one hell of a Christmas miracle.

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