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10 People Shared The Grossest Thing They Have Ever Seen Passengers Do On Public Transit That'll Make You Puke

10 People Shared The Grossest Thing They Have Ever Seen Passengers Do On Public Transit That’ll Make You Puke

Saving money can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

Have you ever noticed some weird things going on around you while travelling through public transport? If you haven’t, then you are going to experience them today. I am warning you, some of these things are really unpleasant, so beware!

Recently there has been a buzz going on at Twitter about people doing some really disgusting activities on public transport. Who started it? Aaron Flanagan. When he noticed a guy sitting opposite to him on the train clipping his nails, he couldn’t resist taking a photo and posting it on Twitter. Check it out.

I mean, keep your nasty fingernails to yourself, bro!

Ironically, he has nailed it. And as usual, more people followed in his footsteps, sharing their own nasty experiences.

After all, this woman does deserve appreciation.

Okay, that’s quite disturbing to look at.

WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE DO AT HOME!? Do you remember doing every sickening thing in public?

No big deal, right? It’s not as if people put all kinds of stuff full of germs on that table, even their shoes… What’s grosser is the vomiting in one’s own mouth.

That’s hilarious tbh.

But nothing can be more revolting than someone picking their nose in public, am I right? And to top it off…

Wait, what?!

This should actually be banned.

Quite unexpected but I don’t see the problem in that.

Have you ever had these sort of experiences? What are you waiting for? Share them with us!

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