These New Gross Hairy-Selfie Nails Are Now A Trend & They’ll Make You Barf

A fashion style so new, it’s bound to turn heads. And make you barf at the same time! For one reason or another, these hairy selfie nails are guaranteed to make people take notice.

The visual art was created by Korean “visual illusion artist” Dian Yoon. With almost 200k Instagram followers, Dian is known for making mind-bending body art. And her latest creation is the most bizarre yet!

Have a look at a few of her mind-boggling masterpieces below:

1. The next big thing.


2. Aesthetic.

3. Aesthetically creepy?

4. Here’s a different angle of creepy.

5. Creep off, maybe?

6. Happy Halloween!

7. That’s just creepy!

Here’s how people reacted to it:

1. A few twisted minds loved this piece of art.

While some questioned its existence……

2. Some people found them awfully terrifying.


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