10+ Photos You Will Only Understand If You Grew Up With Sisters

Growing up with sisters can be a rollercoaster ride.

One moment you’re fighting over a certain outfit, the other you’re watching a movie together. Regardless of how much you fight, you still love them. Your protective mode kicks in everytime you see them in pain. We all cherish our sisters, and growing up with them can be a hilarious experience as well.

So, if you grew up with sisters, here are a few photos only you will understand:



#2 Wear your own!


#3 Those long nails.

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#4 When mom and dad side you in an argument.

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#5 Shitshitshit.

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#6 Fights over the remote.

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#7 You know she has to go somewhere when:

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#8 When your friends think your sister is cute.

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#9 When she just won’t move.

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#10 You know she was in the shower when:

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