Graphic Designer Trolled This Italian Restaurant Company By Making The Most Hilarious Logos For Them

What do you do when you’re bored?

Play video games? Mess with Italian restaurant businesses? Go for a swim?

This graphic designer probably does all three, but it’s him messing with the businesses that we’re interested in. If you’ve heard graphic design horror stories before, it’s usually the client that are absolute knobs who try to escape paying for the artist’s work or think they can affect the pricing by haggling in a very, very poor way.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably seen a few. This is nothing like them. Here, the graphic designer is the one who’s messing with the client, and you can see what he’s up to by reading the text chats below.

Source: Imgur 

As you can see, he’s a very dedicated artist and the early bird gets the worm. The husband and wife duo wanted a logo for their new Italian restaurant called Tomato Tomato.

Understandably, they wanted examples of his previous work, and he being the good artist and designer that he is, had ample examples to give.

But there is some… questionable material in it, even his friend Omar’s Hotdog Kiosk that’s got “Crazy Mar’s Hotdog Wagon” on it.

Here’s where the artist turns it on the client, and plays innocent.

But he tries for Tomato Tomato in the best way possible.

“We’re not dickin’ around. Open wide for some hot Italian sausage”

What did you think about his little prank? Was it funny or too on the nose? Tell us down in the comments.

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