Grandma & Teen Who Met Via Wrong Number Text Last Year For Thanksgiving, They Met Again & It’s Like A Damn Movie

Last year, 18-year-old Jamal Hinton from Phoenix, Arizona, received an accidental text message.

The text message then looped him into a group chat about Thanksgiving plans for the year.


The group text was made up of four people. And Hinton pretty quickly realized that he wasn’t meant to be involved.


Then, he asked for a photo of the woman who identified herself as “his grandma.”


…and then let her know that they weren’t really related. Although, he did ask if he could still come over for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Much to his surprise, the grandma, (named Wanda), said yes.


Hinton tweeted about the reaction, and it went hugely viral on Twitter with over 20,000 re-tweets.

The story was covered by multiple media companies, and people were thrilled to see the two come together for the holidays.

A year later, the two met again for Thanksgiving dinner. “She contacts me a lot. “As a grandma would. She’s very sweet,” Hinton told Buzzfeed news.

Hinton, Wanda, and the rest of her family ate a delicious turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Moreover, Hinton, who works at a butcher even carved it.


After Hinton tweeted about their second Thanksgiving dinner together, it went viral again. “People love it,” he said. “They say we’re the kings of Thanksgiving.”


“Everything about it is amazing,” he said.



“My Twitter has not stopped buzzing. Everyone is tagging Ellen [DeGeneres] trying to get her attention.”

Even though the two talk throughout the year, they don’t meet much. However, he hopes to see her for Christmas this year.

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