Grandma Sends Text To Wrong Person And Becomes ‘Adopted Nana’

Grandmothers are just the sweetest people on the planet.

They always strive to be there for their grandkids, and they will go through hell and high water to be there for them. However, some grandmas go above and beyond, spreading their love through even the most extraordinary ways and nothing more, such as this lovely woman called Opal, who is a jewel just like her namesake.

On her granddaughter’s 12th birthday, Opal adorably sang her happy birthday through text form, showing a brilliant grasp of technology through her use of emojis. However, not long after, she got a text explaining that she had accidentally gotten the wrong number.

Jen Deaderick

The woman she had gotten hold of was Jen Deaderick, who is in her 40’s and whose birthday lands in July. While most people would have signed off after Opal’s blessing, Jen commented that she wished her own Nana was still here to send her messages like that and what followed was probably the sweetest conversation in history.

Jen Deaderick

After exchanging family pictures and getting to know each other, Opal offered to be her adopted nana and volunteered to send her a birthday message on her actual birthday. “Jen, I’d be happy to send this on your birthday on behalf of your Nana,” she wrote. “We are part of one big family!” And if that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve ever read, you’re just lying to yourself.

Opal commented that “I think it’s awesome to know that reaching out to each other can bring such happiness to others. It’s truly a blessing.” In a twist of coincidence, Jen has a 12-year-old daughter, a girl who is the same age as Opal’s granddaughter.

Jen Deaderick

This lovely conversation only ended when Opal had to leave for work. Jen then put the conversation on Twitter, and it is just simply wonderful.

Twitter @jendeaderick

Do you think Opal could adopt us all? We all need someone as loving as her in our lives.

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