2017’s Graduates Are Using Their Grad Caps To Send A Political Message

Politics has become a joke.

President Trump is seemingly incapable of not Tweeting something that’s the evening news, and 2017s grads will not stand to let their voice be drowned out. The Rock is possibly running for 2020 Presidency with Tom Hanks. It’s just a weird acid trip at this point, but no one is going to take it as is. Graduates aim to send a message to the leaders, and the way they’re doing it is inspirational, effective, and viral. Everyone loves it, and all across the nation, the class of 2017 is roaring their disapproval.


But the grad caps that they’re using are absolutely wonderful.

They’re like little letters to those in power. That they will not let their voices be squashed or stomped. The grad class of 2017 are powerful and they won’t take crap from anyone.


College Graduation is a memorable occasion personally.

But this time, it’s memorable nationally. Whether it’s about the wall the President wishes to erect, or the newfound Trumpcare, the youth are vocal about it.


They quoted their favourite politician

For when they found they lacked the ability to properly talk about the topics they wished, they quoted their heroes. Julie decorated her cap with Clinton’s words: “This is for all the little girls watching… Never doubt that you are valuable and powerful.”


Celebrating diversity (and Hamilton)

Students have been preparing for years. Cornelia graduated with their cap expressing the incredible love they have for immigrants and the fine arts.


They range from simple to complex.

And this is a little bit of both. The simple yet profound quote, “Build bridges, not walls.” is decorated with flowers and butterflies.


They gave shout outs to whatever inspired them.

In this case, Solange and Black Girl Magic.


They paid homage to the part of politics they felt was deserving of it

Like Elizabeth Warren’s persistence to speak out against the confirmation of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


They used all the skills they had to spread their message


Beauty or brains? How about both?

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