Government Official Admits Using Public Funds To Buy Her Dog A Tuxedo & We Aren’t Mad

Breaking news: government official uses tax dollars on personal use.

Among the many things she bought was a tuxedo for her pug. Usually, if someone spends upwards of $200,000 of tax dollars on something, people are angry and ready for blood. Not in this case. See, because she spent the money on something like a monkey suit for a dog, people on Twitter were more than forgiving.

Kristi Goss was an Arkansas administrative official when she stole public funds for her heinous activities.

#1 Like this pug shot.

#2 Twitter didn’t want murder this time though.


#3 They were ready to pay more, in fact.

#4 This is not a sin, after all.

#5 No one said you can’t really do it.


#6 The public has a right to see this.

#7 Evidence of misuse of funds necessary.


#8 Obviously there was some anger.


#9 It doesn’t make sense, really.

#10 Maybe this is a sign.


#11 The President of America should deal with this.

#12 It’s not like she bought drugs for her pug.

#13 This is the winning strategy.


#14 Unfortunately, she did more than just buy a tux.

So close, Kristi Goss. So close.

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