GOT Season Finale Teaser is Here And It Shows Things Are Pretty Bad In Westeros As Usual

We Will Never Be Able To Predict What Happens Next In Game Of Thrones.

Sure, there are always many theories running around. However, not many of them turn out to be true unless you count the fact that everyone knew from season 1 is dead and that Jon is actually a Targareyn.

We still like to ponder as to what is going to happen next. Game Of Throne’s creators were also kind enough to fuel the fans fire. So it was obvious that after the episode 6 ended. We were going to try to decipher the next episode through the 50 second teaser.

So, Lets Start Shall We? Greyworm And The Unsullied Still Seem To Be Alive And Well.


Don’t know how they got back from Casterly Rock but they are alive and well. That is all that matters right? I bet Missandei will be relieved.

The Enormous Greyjoy Fleet Is Also Ready.


No matter how much you hate Euron Greyjoy. You have to admit their fleet is enormous. You might even get to see a family reunion when Yara and Theon finally come face to face. Don’t think the reunion will be very heartwarming though.

Daenerys Team Seems To Be Ready. However, Where Is Dany Herself?


I can see that Tyrion does not look ready for this at all. What I am surprised about though is, Where is Daenerys? We haven’t seen a glimpse of her in the whole teaser.

Dany’s Full Army Is Looking Quite Imposing. Even Jaime And Bronn Are Impressed.


I mean it is quite hard to impress Jaime Lannister but there he is.

Sansa Seems To Be Lost In Thought.


Maybe she really does regret not going to King’s Landing. Or maybe she is thinking about what Arya last said to her.

Then Come’s The Impressive Dragon Pit.


Can you even put it in words?

Another Shot Of The Dragon Pit. Because Why Not?


GOT creaters love to leave us in awe. My mouth is hanging in amazement.

Jon Snow Ready For Battle.


I ask again. Where is Daenerys? Is she going to come to this meeting on her dragons?

The All Important Cersei Lannister Is Here.


She does not look to happy. Do you think she will try something or keep her word?

Jon Snow Everybody.


“There’s only one war that matters. And it is here.”

Not sure, Cersei will see it that way. We will see however.


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