20+ Hilarious Spot On Tweets On The Last Night’s Game of Thrones Episode

The Latest Episode Is Out, And We Are Left Wanting More.

I guess you are just as excited as I am for the fourth episode in this season. Episode three, however, was not bad by any means but It was a bit deathless, to be honest.

However, I am sure that will be remedied in the next episode judging by the premiere. While we wait for the next episode following are some hilarious reactions to the latest episode.

Be warned, and there are many spoilers ahead.

#1 He Did Kinda Took Over Everything.

Via kumailn

#2 At-least She Put On A Smile.

Via AlannaBennett

#3 So He Is Basically Emo Bran Now?

Via LSHNorthAF

#4 I Will Be Sure To Keep That In Mind.

Via RuhRoweRarin

#5 Didn’t Know That Did You?

Via susdyfire

#6 I Am Sure She Will Be Important Later On.

Via susdyfire

#7 Well, What Can You Say To That.

Via SonMGYouStupid

#8 That Really Does Sound Like Him.

#9 I See What You Did There.

#10 Are You Sure About That?

#11 We Don’t Speak Of That!

#12 I Wouldn’t Bet On That.


#13 I Think His Name Is Enough, Don’t You?

Via MrFilmkritik

#14 Yup, I Am Ready.

#15 Well, It Was Kinda Like That No?

Via Elliot_M_Brown

#16 Daenerys Did Not Looked Impressed However.

#17 Because Game Of Thrones Alright?


Via geekychicrules

#18 I Am Sure She Will Be Made Aware Of That Fact.

Via SalimAlSamar

#19 There Is Nothing Left To Say.


#20 I Be Rolling.


#21 The Ultimate Compliment Of All.

Via minakimes

#22 Error, Emotions Not Found.

#23 Yes It Was Gorgeous.

#24 Just A Little Inside Joke.

Did you watch the latest episode? What did you think of it? Were you shocked at how Jon Snow And Daenerys met? Or Was it all that you had hoped for? Comment on below to let us in on your thoughts as we would love to hear from you.

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