25+ Hilarious Reactions From Latest Game Of Thrones Episode

Lady Olenna Just Blew Everyone’s Mind.

So, I guess you all saw the episode 4. If not, be warned as there are going to be massive spoilers below. Now as we have that warning out of the way. Let’s move on to the more important things.

What are these things you might ask? Well, did you see how Lady Olenna died? Everyone was shocked to see Jaime Lannister at Highgarden, and everybody thought he had won. However, even in her dying moment, she won.

He knew she killed his son, but he could do nothing but look at her I am sure it was quite hard keeping that a secret but she told it at the perfect moment. Let’s see what other’s have to say about the episode, shall we?

#1 Straight Savage.


#2 We Will See Cersei’s Rage In Episode Four.

#3 She Fortunately Chose The Dark Side.


#4 Their Relationship Can Be Very Confusing For Some.

#5 Who Wouldn’t Want To Die Like That?

#6 I Can Fully Relate With That.

#7 Wigs Are Missing Everywhere.

#8 All The While Sipping Poisonous Wine.


#9 I Agree Except The Blond Wig.


#10 She Deserves A Round Of Applause.

#11 That Is The Best Compliment Anyone Could Give.

#12 He Made Up For The Awkwardness Later.

#13 I Wish She Had A Microphone Now.

#14 You Never Speak Of That!

#15 Yes, That Was Quite Unexpected.

#16 Everyone Will Have The Same Reaction In Her Place.

#17 Now He Will Forever Regret His Decision Of Not Listening To Cersei.

#18 I Think, Everyone Can Agree On That Fact.


#19 I Wish He Would Have Said That.

#20 Just Like A Boss.

#21 I Think The Name Just Sums It All Up.

#22 Nobody Could Have Done It Before?

#23 Yet Sadly, She Never Came.

#24 Can We All Just Forget About That!

#25 You Should Have Thought Of That Sooner.

#26 They Did But I Couldn’t Believe It Until I Saw It With My Own Eyes.

#27 Don’t Even Know What TO Say About That.


#28 Just Throwing It Out There.

#29 He Portrayed The Word Demon Perfectly.

#30 She Does Not Look Happy.

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