10+ Times Gordon Ramsey Roasted The Shit Out Of Amateur Chefs And Made Them Regret Sharing It To Him

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 9, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Gordon Ramsey is probably everyone’s favourite foul mouthed chef.

He’s a popular TV personality, host of MasterChef, and has his own show called Kitchen Nightmares. Not only is he a brilliant chef, he’s capable of dealing with the most irrational of people. How?

With a very colourful and vibrant speech pattern. He absolutely eviscerates them, and everyone loves him for it, because they had it coming. Even better, he’s the exact opposite with kids. No matter how terrible children are, he’s incredibly sweet to them.

This combination results in one of the most popular chefs in America, who’s bombarded on Twitter to rate foods both terrible and great. It went as you’d expect.

Source: Twitter GordonRamsay

#1 Rabbit food.

#2 Quality egg.

#3 Late night snacks.

#4 Awww.

#5 Hash brown rolls.

#6 Spongey egg.

#7 Paella.

#8 Penne arrabiata.

#9 Shark fins.

#10 First sausage omelette.

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