Gordon Ramsay Just Got Roasted By A Thai Chef And Twitter Is Here For It

How did we not know this before?

I mean come on! This is quite the rare occurrence. After all have you ever seen The Gordon Ramsay getting roasted? I know we’ve all seen him roast other countless times but never the other way around.

But today we have a treat for you because you are now going to see something you’ve never seen before. Watch as Gordon Ramsay gets roasted by a Thai chef named Chang.

If you still don’t know who Gordon Ramsay is. (Have you been living under a rock?) Following are some tweets that’ll give a taste of what he usually does. And that is to call everyone an idiot sandwich.

That actually does surprise me too.

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Yah, I’d agree with Gordon on this.

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However, he is not always a complete meanie.

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Although a new clip has resurfaced that changes it all.


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Gordon Ramsay just got severely roasted by Chef Chang!

This clip was actually taken from Season 5 of his TV show The F Word, released in 2009. where Gordon Ramsay visits a Thai temple in London to cook for Buddhist monks.

Before going to the Temple, He meets with Chef Chang to get some advice.

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And then he starts to cook a ‘quick’ version of pad thai.

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Chef Chang seems to be happy at first.

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But once he tastes it, everything goes sideways.

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And you can see that he does not approve by the way he looks at Ramsay.

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I mean his face will probably go down in history if I am being honest.

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And you can imagine, that Twitter loved the unusual exchange between these two.

And the disappointed look on Ramsay’s face is hilarious.


There is always room for another Ramsay in this world

Exactly, He did not like the ‘quick and easy’ version.


Chef in the back knows exactly what’s going to happen right here.

I really want to see that clip now.


Were your surprised to see Gordon Ramsay getting roasted? Or had you already watched this episode? Comment on below and let us know.


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