Gordon Ramsay Got A New Haircut And Now He Looks Like A Fuckboi Who’ll Waste Your Time

I absolutely love Gordon Ramsay. Don’t you?

Personally speaking, I’m a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay and his cooking shows and not to mention I do cook pretty fine! I have been following Mr. Ramsay since as far as I can remember. Hell’s kitchen still is one of my favorite TV shows.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because the world-renown chef Gordon Ramsay has got a new haircut and man, does he look hot! Check it out.

Erik Kabik | Caesars Palace

He is all set for the grand opening of his new Hell’s kitchen-themed restaurant at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The restaurant is planned to inaugurate its services on January 26th officially. Click here to make your reservations. I know I’m going to!

Erik Kabik | Caesars Palace

Well, he kind of got the haircut for all the paparazzi and the awesome photos to be taken but we are all drooling over it. I mean, just look at him! Doesn’t he look like a total fuckboy to you? A pretty delicious one too.

Erik Kabik | Caesars Palace

He even posted about his new haircut on his Instagram story.

Instagram | Gordon Ramsay 
Erik Kabik | Caesars Palace

Here’s Ramsay with his restaurant crew whom he recruited by simply texting them “u up.”

Erik Kabik | Caesars Palace

Gordon Ramsay with his wife Tana(so lucky). They’ve been married for 21 years if you can believe it!

Matt Winkelmeyer | Getty Images
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