New Google App Finds Your Museum Doppelganger And Internet Is In Love With It

Read to find your doppelganger?

Don’t worry they won’t be like Katherine Peirce. (At least I hope so.) I am sure you have heard about the new Arts & Culture app made by Google. It actually uses facial recognition technology to find portraits from 1000 museums worldwide to your likeness.

Well, people have started using it, and the results are ‘interesting’ to say the least. Some of these picture might be a 100% match while some of these makes us think ‘What was Google thinking?’ 

So scroll on below and take a look at the hilarious matches.

#1 Francisco Goya.

Via joshuafu

#2 Franciso Laso.

Via ryanw79

#3 John Pettie.

Via kristenanniebell

#4 Mohammed Al Mazrouie.

Via kumailn

#5 Jan Havicksz. Steen.

Via CarolineWazer

#6 Mary Cassatt.

Via netflix

#7 Warner-Artex.

Via HashtagTricia

#8 Job Adriaensz Berckheyde.

Via neilhimself

#9 Anonymous.

Via 666styx

#10 Michelangelo.

Via liam_bp

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