10+ Absolute Gold Tweets From P*rnhub’s Twitter Account That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Of all the websites in the world,

Pornhub is hugely popular for a very obvious reason. And more than that, they’re a very colourful company. Not only do they provide some beneficial and extremely necessary material for public, they also do some weird but equally necessary things in real life.

Like how the roads were snowed over, so Pornhub hired snow plough trucks to clear the roads.

Even and especially their Twitter is a strange and hilarious place to be.

#1 Wisdom

#2 SuperTrauma

#3 Only real reason for Incognito.

#4 Paychecks

#5 Tents.

#6 Six packs.

#7 Reported.




#8 Strange thing to profit off of.

#9 Rapper.

#10 Pornhub means Ohana, and Ohana means no one comes alone.

#11 They sure have weird taste.

#12 But there are just kaboodles of wisdom.

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