GofundMe Account For Bullied Kid Who Got Support From Famous Celebs Suspended, After This Twist In The Story

Bullies are truly sick people.

They get enjoyment from other people’s suffering which is sick as it can get. We have been trying to fight against bullying for such a long time, but it feels like we have made no change whatsoever.

While I do believe that some bullies bully other people in an attempt to fit in, however, some are just sick in the head and get enjoyment in this horrific act. I have been bullied my whole life. So trust me when I say this, it is a horrible feeling.

That is why the following video made by ‘Keaton Jones’ hit close to home. It is indeed heartbreaking to see a little kid in so much pain and disarray. On the bright side, however, it seems the whole world wanted to show him support. Even celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, and Snoop Dog.

Following is the powerful message.

The video was posted by his mother.

The video revealed a pretty big problem in our school system. Not surprisingly, the video went hugely viral. The whole world came in his support. Following are some of the incredible responses from celebrities.

#1 Chris Evans.

Via ChrisEvans

#2 Donna Murphy.

Via DMurphyOfficial

#3 Scooter Braun.

Via scooterbraun

#4 Julie Plec.

Via julieplec

#5 Bernard Blake.

Via BamBam_Blake23

#6 Millie Bobby Brown.

Via milliebbrown

#7 Will Poulter.

Via PoulterWill

#8 Billy Baldwin.

Via BillyBaldwin

#9 Donald Trump Jr.

Via DonaldJTrumpJr

#10 Chris Brown.

Via chrisbrownofficial

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