10+ Bloody Freaking Hilarious Jokes About Periods That Will Help You Go With The Flow

Nothing compares to the pain every girl goes through when it’s “that” time of the month.

From unbearable pain to mood swings, you name it. Periods are accompanied by everything intolerable and nasty. And the perfect stress cocktail in all of this is the tension of staining your clothes. Women, over the years, have learned to perhaps deal with it.

And these bloody freaking hilarious menstruation jokes are a proof of that:

Source: ScoopWhoop

1. Dear men, please stop being giant babies.

2. It’s not as bad as it looks, I swear.

3. Hyper-paranoia.

4. It’s a secret men will never know.

5. Multiply every emotion by 100.

6. Women need free coupons to deal with this every month.

7. “On your period”.

8. Time to throw a tantrum.

9. Or the Niagara Falls…

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