Girl Explains How Giving Up On A Great Girl Will Haunt You For Your Whole Life

Actions always speak louder than words

If you decide to correct or better yourself but never actually do anything about it, then don’t be surprised when things don’t go your way. Though this general rule applies everywhere, it is especially true for relationships where you tell your partner you’d change, but you don’t and then cry when it’s over.

Always remember “it won’t get better with time if you don’t do anything about it.” So, you are mistaken if you think anyone will settle for the same thing with which they had a problem in the first place. I know, I might be sounding harsh, but this is a bitter reality we often ignore. Don’t believe me? Then scroll on below check out Rev Rell’s Twitter thread about a friend who took everything for granted and lost the girl he loved the most.


He really should’ve taken the advice.



Take notes, everywhere. You DON’T play around.



How can you expect someone who is already heartbroken to help you get back on track?



No one is anyone’s option. Ever. (btw seven years is a long time)



Okay, that’s just dumb AF.



I think I speak for everyone when I say we all need a friend like this.



As expected, Twitter users loved this thread.

Everything is beautifully summed up.

They even shared their own experiences.

I’ve got to say I agree with all of them.


Not only is this thread addressing a common problem but it’s also telling you exactly how to fix it.

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