This Girl’s “Tired Mom” Halloween Costume Is Everything We Needed To See

What’s more scary than a tired mom?

She’s like a ticking bomb, she can expload any second! This girl’s Halloween costume can be felt personally! Jillian Hartsock on Facebook dressed up as an exhausted mom on Halloween, and her costume was on point.

Her mother shared the costume on Facebook.

Jillian's "tired mom" costume is literally EVERYTHING!😂 😍 We did a whole photoshoot of her Halloween costume and I'll share an album of it soon. She pulled this off perfectly! 😂🤣

Geplaatst door The Hartsocks' Photography op Vrijdag 26 oktober 2018

“Jillian’s ‘tired mom’ costume is literally EVERYTHING,’ her mother wrote.

The post has over 39,000 likes, 8000 comments and almost 65,000 shares.

Most of the audience are moms who can desperately relate to the little girl’s costume. Her costume was inspired by her own working mother, Lindsay Hartsock, who has several children and struggles as a “tired mom” along with being a business woman with her husband Kyle.

“We have 9 kids and a busy photography business,” Lindsay tells Scary Mommy. “Jillian sees me trying to manage our big, active family AND also our profession… plus, she helps a lot so she knows exactly what it’s like to be a tired mommy (and sister!) and she thought it would be be a perfect costume for her.”

“Growing up in a big family, she has seen the blood sweat and tears that go into raising kids! She did so great taking these photos! I told her to smile in one and she said ‘I’m happy, but I’m a tired mom, so I have to keep this look so I don’t break character!’”

Here is a list of things her costume contains:

  • The famous “messy bun” that shows how little moms care about how their hair looks.
  • Dark circles from the exhaustion.
  • The “I’ll kill you” glare.
  • Starbucks coffee to help her get through the day.
  • A grey oversized, but comfortable, sweater.
  • A useless burp cloth that never helps with baby vomits.
  • A pacifier clip.
  • A hanging diaper because you always need one around.
  • An obvious nursing pad, who hides them anymore?
  • Baby wipes and wine – just the necessities.
  • Black leggings. What were jeans, again?
  • Uggs.
  • A toddler hanging onto her leg

Lindsay said, “So many moms are saying that it makes them feel normal and not alone to see other moms look and feel the same way sometimes. the funniest comments are the ones from Moms saying that they don’t even have to dress up for Halloween because they look like this everyday!”

What did you dress up for on Halloween? Share with us in the comments below.

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