Girl’s Senior Picture Was Rejected Over Bralette So She Calls Out School’s Hypocrisy, Sparks Up A Debate

How sexist is our society? As claimed by many, people have learnt to adapt to equal rights for both men and women. However, the fact that a woman was compelled to point out the hypocrisy after her senior photo was rejected over a bralette points otherwise.

When it comes to what is and isn’t appropriate for yearbook photos, schools have some very ancient rules.

Surprisingly, most of these rules only seem to apply to women. Twitter user Eleanor Williams recently shared her senior photo which her school rejected. Allegedly because a part of her brallete was showing in the photo.

To enunciate the hypocrisy, she also posted a picture of the boys swim team.

Clarifying that she didn’t have a problem with the boys’ photo. But, with the school’s rules and regulations.

Twitter-azis also reacted to the issue:

With Many In Support.


There were a few that met on the same page.


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