Girl’s Neighbor Has Manatee Mailbox That He Dresses Up Hilariously & She’s Obsessed With It For All The Right Reasons

Ever heard of a manatee mailbox?

No? Where have you been all these years? Because this might be the best thing that has ever happened in the mailbox business. A Florida based business had a brilliant idea of making manatee shaped mailboxes. The mailbox is a 5-inch, fiberglass manatee of awesomeness.

The Manatee Mailboxes will cost you about $600 which seems like a lot, but if you really love manatees, then there is really no other choice. Now, these are amazing on their own, but one person took their manatee to the next level.

Who wouldn’t want one of these?

Via diplomat314

Don’t worry; you’ll soon be obsessed with this new craze.

Because one Twitter user’s neighbor is dressing up his manatee mailbox.

Hurricane season.

Via Marleyey


Via Marleyey


Via Marleyey

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was all over it.

She really should.

Now, I really want a manatee mailbox.


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