Woman Shares How Girls Are Bleeding Through Their Pants Due To Schools Harsh Bathroom Policies

We all have come across some unfair school rules before.

I, for one, wasn’t allowed to wear my jacket despite the freezing cold, and despite how it was aligned with the school policy, and how someone else was wearing a jacket right next to me and wasn’t checked. I remember that I was fuming with rage and anger at that, but it was what it was. It certainly doesn’t compare to what’s going on in Chicago.

See, for those who don’t know, like the idiots in charge of policy in this story, women tend to bleed once a month. It can be pretty heavy bleeding too, so they need to regularly go to the bathroom to change their tampons or pads or whatever.

Apparently, the school gave out bathroom breaks so infrequently, that the girls would get their pants stained on a regular basis. The solution to this problem? Special permission to tie a sweatshirt around their waists.


An anonymous text elaborated on what was going on.

“We have [bathroom] escorts, and they rarely come so we end up walking out [of class] and that gets us in trouble,”

The text further clarified.

“But who wants to walk around knowing there’s blood on them? It can still stain the seats. They just need to be more understanding.”

Instead of letting women change their hygienic products, they had the fancy idea of hiding it.

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If girls get two demerits in a two week period, they get a $140 fine and a fortnight of punishment.

If you think this was the only school district, you’d be wrong. It’s happening all over the place.

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