20+ Hilariously Accurate Things Only Girls Who Are Always Cold Can Relate To

Winter is coming. Oh, sorry; it’s here. My bad.

Cold feet and numb hands are a huge issue for us girls. I mean, why don’t men feel the extreme winter season? They can roam around in just a t-shirt and even shorts and feel nothing while we have to put on layers and layers of clothing and still shiver to death. I demand justice!

Following are the 30 major problems we face every day in this bleak winter season. Do share if you can relate to any of these.

1. When it’s winter, and you just won’t get out of the pyramid of blankets unless you really need to pee.


2. Your hair is always a mess and clothes mismatched while other girls look like they came out of a Victoria’s SecretΒ fashion walk.


3. When you just can’t decide if you’re wearing enough layers of clothes to protect you from that bitter cold.



4. You fantasize about taking a long hot shower. That is, if you gather enough courage for it.


5. As I said, you need to gather A LOT of courage.


6. Don’t you just hate it?


7. My version of romance.


8. Those numb fingers when you forget to wear your gloves.


9. You don’t get your wax done in winters NOT because you’re lazy but because you’re freaking cold.


10. Is it just me or does this happen to every woman out there?


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