Girlfriends Posted The Same Photo With Two Hilariously Different Captions On Instagram That Will Have You ROFL

People who have been in a relationship must know that there’s always one partner who’s hilarious AF and loves cracking dirty jokes and that really keeps things balanced.

While the other one is usually sophisticated and soft-spoken, who likes talking about love all the time and doing adorable stuff.  jokes. However, you can always tell which one’s a badass by checking out their social media accounts.

So there’s this Twitter user who goes by the name of @lildellapenna, and she’s in a relationship with another girl. Both of them posted the same picture on Instagram but with different captions. The caption clarifies and compliments the stance above regarding one partner being a badass.

Don’t they look adorable together? But what we should be noticing is the caption!


Now, take a look at this caption! Took me a little while to understand but it sure had me laughing on the floor.

How many of you got the drill? What can possibly come after Paper? Um… Scissoring, maybe? You know, Google is our best friend when it comes to something that we don’t understand.

But you’re not the only one who didn’t understand, so you shouldn’t feel left out.

So here is the explanation.

While some people believe something else.

Trust me; it’s exactly what I am thinking, and people who are sharp got it all figured out.

Because she understood it!


So am I!

This perfectly summed up my expression!


She is the real MVP.


After all the mixed emotions these ladies received, this is what they had to say.

How many of you understood this? Are you the soft one in the relationship? Let us know!

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