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This Hilarious Story About A Girl Who Accidentally Wrote A Letter To Satan Will Make Your Day

This Hilarious Story About A Girl Who Accidentally Wrote A Letter To Satan Will Make Your Day

Everyone makes mistakes.

Especially kids. More so if they are grammar or spelling mistakes. Who can blame us? We are after all only humans. However, Satan sure can blame us though. You will soon understand after you take a look at this fantastic beautifully animated short story.

While it may be a Christmas special, it is not what we would usually expect on Christmas. But don’t fret, it has a happy ending (sort of). And the cherry on top? Patrick Stewart is the one narrating it! A Christmas miracle I say.

The creator of this little tale Dear Satan is actually Anomaly London. And this is what the writer of this short story had to say.

Patrick Stewart has the right kind of gravitas for the film. He sounds like a kindly uncle reading you a story by the fireplace, but he also has a wicked sense of humour. I don’t know why viewers relate to Satan so much. Maybe people like him because he’s meant to be this all-powerful evil beast, but he’s just a flawed idiot like the rest of us.

-Craig Ainsley

One girl named Hope was writing a letter to Santa simply asking for a dog.

However, In her excitement she misspelt Santa.

Then to top it off, she misspelt it again and addressed it to Satan as well.

So down the letter went into the deepest reaches of hell.

Satan was going about his morning routine when he opened the letter from Hope.

Would you believe that the sweet letter made his insides feel a bit funny?

He could not believe that someone thought he was special.

He seemed like he was undeniably angry.

But that was not the whole truth.

Watch the whole video if you want to find out what happened next.

It happens Satan.

If nothing, you should watch after the kids more.

The two essential things for any good-natured person.

Maybe both?

What are your thoughts on this short film? Comment down below and let us know.

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