We’re All Following Up The Girl Who Swore To Wear Christmas Tree Dress All Semester, And Her Twitter’s Hilarious

It’s a pretty well-known secret that college students are broke and bored.

You imagine they go from party to party, and a lot of us do, but only because we’re stressed out of our minds and need to unwind. So for those people who don’t like socialising, going to parties isn’t actually that great a way to unwind.

So they think up of other, more inventive ways to have fun. Even if it was initially supposed to be a sh*tpost, things spiralled out of control for the student. Her name is Kelsey Hall and she’s from the University of Alabama, and she made a promise.

The truth is, she didn’t expect it to get to where it did.

Her friend was able to snap a picture of her anxiety.


Her biggest feat is her biggest fear.

The public, her adoring fans, wanted her to keep going, and she’s a gal of her word.

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