The Way This Girl Trolls This Creepy Indian Man Is Making Me Scream

Trolling is only sometimes okay.

And the following is one of those times. You see, the only time trolling someone is okay is when they are trying to scam you. So rather than straight up blocking them, why not message them a little longer and keep their hopes up?

That is exactly what this woman did. You see, when a creepy Indian man messaged her asking for sex, she decided to have a little fun with him. And not the kind of ‘fun’ that he wanted.

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly going to adopt this every time someone creepy messages me. And on top of being creepy, Anal was also a scammer. Talk about being the whole package, right?

Source: Imgur

Aw, he is so sweet honny.

Why would you confuse her like that!?

Whoteness. When white and hotness get combined together.

Oh, so he is pet now? Intriguing.

Oooh, that went from ‘sexy’ to money grabbing fast.

Ah yes, he definitely sounds genuine.

Guess he just wants a rich old lady.

Don’t think she has many bobs lying around.

Mitie cock? Isn’t that a drink?

I have a feeling that this is gonna be hilarious.

Okay, this might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever read.

“Anal from anus do everything for you bby!”

What’s he gonna do now?

Wait, did he really?

How stupid could Anal from anus be?

That worked? Surprising.

Isn’t there always an issue?

This must have required a lot of work.

Why would she do this? It was Anal from anus!

Hot woman? Well, to be honest, those blow up dolls are quite realistic nowadays.

‘Bye love’ indeed.

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