This Girl Made The Stupidest Comment About What Prostitution Is & I Can’t Even

We know how sex is common nowadays.

It isn’t considered a big deal. Casual sex is becoming very conventional now that people don’t really mind doing it anymore, with anybody.  However, without being judgemental, everyone is free to do whatever they please. We are no one to point fingers at anybody and tell them what to do.

As it is being said that everyone is free to do whatever they want, they must know their limits as well. Being a free bird doesn’t mean you can make stupid remarks about anything. Here, I am referring to a girl who made the most idiotic comment about prostitution and she couldn’t even back herself up.

Let’s take a look at what she tweeted.

So basically, she was selling herself online.


What? Just because it’s social media, that becomes legal?

How can she even back up her claim?

Okay, she’s definitely one of those blondes who die early in a  horror movie because they are just too stupid.

That’s what I said, just because she is doing it online, doesn’t make it legal, plus that still falls into prostitution.

Yes, she needed to read that!

Yep, she is definitely that blondie!

I am not the only who’s laughing at her.

So, you see, you shouldn’t be making any claims if you don’t have the potential or enough material to back yourself up because you are just going to become a laughing stock. Have you ever been there though?

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