Girl Tells Her Boyfriend She Shaved Her Head For A Reason; His Response’s Insane

Love is complicated. We can’t tell for sure which specific thing triggers our emotions towards someone to fall in love with. Is it all about how the person looks or some good-natured thing you fell in love with? However, it’s important, to be honest with yourself. Is it really the person or the looks you are falling for?

A girl pretended to shave her head using an app and shared her picture with her boy friend.

It seemed that he was not a fan of short or even worse, bald girls.

The shock was too intense that he almost lost his voice.

She told him that she had done it for the breast cancer awareness campaign.

Things got too much scary for him to handle.

He was so sure that it must be a nightmare because a thing like this can’t be real.

Alas, he went mad. Now he will wander the streets frantically remembering the what it’s like to be in love with a bald girl.

“I want you to lick my bald head. Around in circles.”

This must be some lucid dream, Pray!!!

While this classic prank makes a laughing stock of the frantic boy friend, it’s also a reminder to think again of why are we in love with someone.

No doubt looks are important, but it’s the person that should matter the most. Looks would wither with time, but if you fall in love with the real goodness, your love increases with every moment you pass with your loved one. Your thoughts?

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