Girl Sent Her BF To Buy Makeup Items And He Does It The Most ‘BF’ Possible Way

This cannot get any worse.

We all know how boys and shopping works. There’s no surprise there. And that’s only when they take their girlfriends along. But when you send them out to get something for you, rest assured, it would be the worst decision of your life. And shopping for make-up? Alone? Don’t even think about it.

That’s exactly why a Redditor shared the hilarious experience of a  26-year-old devoted boyfriend named Blufiz. His beautiful sunshine gave him the punishing task of shopping for makeup and what followed next is something you should see yourself!

My girlfriend suffers from extreme anxiety. I try, as much as I can, to go to the store so she doesn’t have to. Yes I forgot my wallet, but fortunately I live really close to that Right Aid and was able to run home!

Scroll down to read all about it.

And so the mission begins. With the list in his hand, he made his way to the pharmacy.

The torture started when he kept asking questions about what to get.


She IMMEDIATELY regretted her decision.


So brave he is. This would be one lesson learned for all the guys out there!


Poor Blufiz, though. I feel bad for him.

What even is light bright?!


It must have been so much fun, no? (Just being sarcastic)


Fingers crossed this is the right color.


None of us can believe he actually did that. LMAO


He just couldn’t get it to open. Not his fault, right?


She’s gonna have to settle for it for now. No other choice.


And here we go. Eyelashes.


And now for the glue…


Uh-oh. Wrong glue, wrong glue!


Oh well. After all the hard work he realized he didn’t even have his wallet. It might even actually be good for his girlfriend lol. Remind me not to send my boyfriend to get ANYTHING. EVER!

Wanna know more?  blufiz | YouTube (h/t: Aplus)

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