Girl’s Prom Dress Triggered Everyone On Internet & Is Being Called Out For Racism

Good morning, internet.

What are we upset about today? Let’s check the news. Hmm, I see, North Korea is still punishing three generations of people for petty theft No, we’re not upset about that. People are hungry and dying in impoverished countries across the world? No, we’re not upset about that either. What about the hundred thousands of homeless veterans in the streets? Nope, that’s not a priority.

What we’re upset about today is a traditional Chinese dress that a non-Chinese girl wore to prom.

Priorities, am I right?

Source: Twitter

She’s being accused of something called “cultural appropriation”.

Which is essentially a bullshit term fake “woke” people made up to feel good about themselves. What it refers to is complete rejection of anyone celebrating a culture that isn’t their own based entirely on their race.

You know what’s another word for discriminating based on the colour of their skin? Racist.

These are the modern day social justice warrior racists of our time.

Yes, there’s a lot of history behind these clothes, and that’s why she chose to wear them. She admires them, and she’s celebrating it. And you’re shaming her simply because she’s white.

Oh, I love this argument.

Have I ever flown a helicopter before? No, but when I see a helicopter crashed into a tree, I don’t need someone to tell me that the pilot messed up, because I know he messed up. I don’t need to have experience of the situation to know right from wrong.

She handled it with more grace than I would have.

I’d have simply told them all to sod off.

She’s a bigger person than I am.

What do you think?

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