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One Girl Matched With An Olympic Athlete On Tinder And Their Story Is Adorable

One Girl Matched With An Olympic Athlete On Tinder And Their Story Is Adorable

I can certainly sense love in the air.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating since I was not at the Olympics because I had important things to do like lie in bed and eat chocolate ice-cream all day while swiping through endless amounts of people on Tinder.

However, not everyone is as unlucky as me. You see, one lucky girl got matched with an Olympic athlete while she was visiting South Korea. Who is this girl, you ask? Well, her name is Lizz and she works for Buzzfeed.

So following is how their story unfolded.

Meet Lizz, who recently visited South Korea for the winter Olympics.

Via Instagram

And her Tinder match, Robby Franco, who competed for Mexico in the Olympics as a skier.

Via instagram

You see, Lizz really wanted to go on a date with an athlete while she was in South Korea and she kept her promise.

And they actually ended up liking each other, so Robby planned to surprise her while she was headed home to America at the Airport.

People are loving the idea of them and they were even mentioned in a Korean newspaper.

Via instagram

Unsurprisingly, everyone was shipping them, but we already expected that, right?

Via instagram

The story doesn’t end there, however, as Robby decided to take his surprise further by going to Lizz’s hometown; Los Angeles!

Via BuzzFeed

And here is what happened next.

What are your thoughts on this ‘Tinder match’? Do you ship them like the rest of the Internet? Or do you think it is only for show? Comment on below and let us know.

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