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This Girl Made A List Of Men That Make Her Cringe & Irony Committed Suicide Instantly

This Girl Made A List Of Men That Make Her Cringe & Irony Committed Suicide Instantly

What do you look for in a guy?

Good height, a stable career, physically fit. Maybe you’re more specific, and you think the guy needs to be six feet, make six figures, and have a six-pack. You know, the dreaded 666. Either way, we know that you should avoid guys who just exude cringe. Now, there are different levels of cringe.

There’s woke/m’lady level cringe. There’s the feminist to try and get laid cringe. There’s the fuckboy cringe. Basically, there’s a lot, but thankfully, one Avnika Gupta was able to carefully outline all the kind of guys you should avoid, and it’s almost ironic.

Source: Facebook

So here’s her list!

1) men who tell you other men are FUCKBOYS without knowing anything about them, precisely because they are fuckboys themselves.

2) men who claim to be friends and make a girl think that they value her and love her as a whole person and then complain about being “FRIENDZONED” because ofcourse you’re a nice guy who will spend his money, time, and pleasant nature (????) on her, and WOMEN ARE VENDING MACHINES THAT YOU PUT KINDNESS COINS INTO UNTIL SEX COMES OUT.

3) men who comment “not all men” on statuses about women’s rights and systemised hierarchy. you benefit from the system if you’re a part of the oppressive league, and nothing sets you apart other than using your voice to uplift the oppressed. Keep shut if you are not doing that, because commenting NOT ALL MEN is all the signifiers one needs to know that YOU ARE ONE OF THE ALL MEN not doing shit about things.

4) woke liberal men who express sexual desire online/offline etc in verbal utterances, gestures etc without any hint of the woman being interested in a sexual interaction, through tasty metaphors, creative use of the english advances, employ subtle hints, and make use of their good social image or of them being in a powerful socially-validated position like a professor, an artist, a politician.

5) men who want sex, but have no concept of after-care for the woman involved, and will act with an absolute nonchalance when it comes to being a responsible adult, and those who absolutely cannot tolerate a woman wanting sex without wanting to get romantically involved- because how can she not cry over me?

It gets better!

6) men who are toxic men-children in relationships, always getting blown at the slightest hint of your girl talking to another guy, praising another guy, hugging another guy, or in fact even hanging out with her own girlfriends. please fix your insecurities, and fragile man child-ego, and your “she is all mine” delusions.

7) men who are just generally ignorant and verbally degrading who won’t do a single thing wrt reading and educating themselves about women’s struggles, and take their privileges to be rightfully guaranteed, with no critical eye for the social milieu.

8) men who comment rightfully on things they do not understand. men who imitate conversations or ask to meet or call only when the girl in question UPLOADS A HOT PICTURE on her social media.

9) men who think they claim a woman’s body because she decided to go to his place when he was alone, because she slept next to him on the same bed, because she was drunk or drugged, because she was wearing a short skirt/sleeveless top/saree/burkha whatever, because she recently had a breakup and would enjoy a “fuck fix”, because they are assholes who think it is their right to do any fucking thing owing to their so-called uncontrollable sexual impulses (????)

10) men who try to initiate conversation with women on the internet, quickly skip to sexual innuendos, and then when the woman gets uncomfortable, they respond with “you fucking whore, you anyway are not pretty enough for me, you ugly piece of scum” or go like “I thought you liked me, and if you didn’t like me, why did you even start talking to me in the first place?”

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