Girl Live Tweets Story of Her Little Sister’s First Time Running And Twitter Is Dying Laughing

Ever tried running?

It’s not for everybody! I mean, do you know how punishing it feels afterward? For those of you who go for a run regularly, you might remember your first couple of times; feeling like your legs have turned into spaghetti and that you might faint any moment. It’s actually very tiring. And especially for the younger ones!

Yes, exercising is very significant, and not to mention very strenuous and demanding activity to fit into your daily routine. While some people are totally dedicated to it, I, on the other hand, am too lazy to even think about working out.

Speaking of which, have you ever seen a kid exercising for the first time? Well, if you haven’t, today is your lucky day. Twitter user Sirena Salazar shared her little sister’s first running experience and calling it hilarious would be an understatement. Check it out.

Sirena’s tweet in which she shared photos of her sister. Go on, open it.

Clever girl. That’s right, stretch away!


Okay, maybe she took the stretching a little too far.


Guess she didn’t think the running part through. But look how cute she is, being all chubby!


Well, if your heart is crying, it’s only fair to make it stop and take it home you know… Don’t burden it anymore or it might throw a tantrum or something.


Finally, when they got home, the little one needed her time to regain her lost energy and recover from the laborious task.

And as always, people on Twitter started sharing their own relatable af views.


Well, that’s a bit too much to say.

“Oh well, never mind, I’m already tired.”

The struggle, though.

I think I might cry.

Too realistic bro!

She is actually all of us tbh.

So Sirena is not the only one who had the pleasure of watching their sibling be all cute and funny and healthy.

So that’s that. Did you like the post? Don’t forget to share and comment on your own experience. Happy exercising because physical fitness is very important in life.

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