This Girl Live Tweeted Her Entire Relationship And Twitter Can’t Get Over How Cute It Is

We all grew up watching and reading Disney fairy tales

So we all grew up wanting a happily ever after. But the reality is, that’s not really how life works. People don’t randomly meet the right person and fall in love, that’s something that belongs in fiction. But there are some people, who get lucky. This one girl, Zoe Prina (She’s no longer a Prina, but you’ll get what I mean later) met someone and got tacos at 1am.

They went from a meet to introducing each other to their parents

It’s so heartwarming to see what a taco at 1am can do

And it’s not just dating that they do, no sir.

She goes from Zoe Prina to Zoe Calcote.

And they got married. Because of a taco at 1AM.

And Twitter lost its collective mind


It may have given her hope, but it made me lose mine



Me too, Rina. Me too.



It was so cute

And then there’s me going

Besides! This isn’t the first time someone’s fallen in love online.

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