Girl Came Up With Genius Idea To Get Revenge On An Ex Who Screwed Her Over, Even Her Ex Is Impressed

There’s always something very satisfying about getting revenge on a bad ex-

It probably won’t help your emotional state and you might be seen as petty but you probably won’t care because it just feels so damn good. The only issue with revenge is that it can be both time-consuming and exhausting. It’s an awful lot of effort to cut up their suits or wreck their car after all.

However, there is hope for those girls who want sweet revenge but don’t want to go to too much bother. It’s so easy and simple, anyone could do it and the genius behind it is the ex of one Daniel Jones, who was so impressed himself, he shared it online.

Twitter @danieljoness

Daniel’s ex was handing out his number when guys asked her for her own and Daniel even had to admit it was “well-played.”

Now, many ladies on Twitter are having a field day on this piece of brilliance.

Twitter @_imjustchriss







Some people hilariously, just want to focus on poor Jared.


Even those who are married want to try it.




I think it’s fair to say one thing; I bet Daniel is really wishing he hadn’t screwed that girl over.

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