Danielle Bregoli A.K.A. “Cash Me Outside” Girl Gets 5 Years for Various Charges

The Internet erupted when it first got introduced to Danielle Bregoli. She first appeared on the Dr Phil show and her famous line “cash me outside, how about dat” line took the Internet by a storm. Her Internet sensation blasted her through the roof of stardom, making her constantly in the limelight. Now, the Internet famous teen pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including marijuana possession, grand theft, grand theft auto, and filling out a fake report. Because of all of these accusations that she is guilty of, she was sentenced to 5 years probation just last month.

Twitter went crazy once the information was released about Bregoli. 

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As part of the plea deal, Bregoli has to adhere to some orders during her sentencing. The school is mandatory for teens her age, but Bregoli never took attendance seriously, so she now has to go to school as a full-time student and she must complete 100 hours worth of community service. She is also set to have a curfew that starts at 5:00 a.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m., meaning if she breaks curfew it could lead to more time on probation or other charges against her. Apart from being a full-time student, Bregoli has to enrol in classes that discuss sexual education, domestic violence, and anti-theft. She has been granted permission to complete her probation sentencing in California, where she has been residing in for the past few years, but her father isn’t too pleased about her living arrangements.

Danielle pictured with her mother. 

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Ira Peskowitz, Bregoli’s father, released a statement indicating that she should finish her probation sentencing in Palm Beach County and started to express his deep concerns for her Internet fame. He explained in detail that he was concerned about what she is being pushed into doing and who may be profiting from her fame, and is worried that she may hit rock bottom before she knows it. He wants her to reside in Palm Beach County and finish her probation there because that’s where he is living and works as a deputy to the sheriff, meaning he would keep a tight eye on his daughter to make sure she is following the rules of probation and isn’t breaking curfew. Even though her father is persistent about having Bregoli live with him in Palm Beach County, she is going to remain in California. 

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Her mother put her two cents in and told reporters that Bregoli has done a lot of “soul searching” at the Turn-Around-Ranch. This is a facility in Utah where troubled teens go to work out the troubles they may be having in their life and to turn their life around, hence the name of the facility. A representative of the Juvenile Department of Justice chimed in and made note that Bregoli has changed in little ways and there has been a slight improvement in her behaviour over the past year. Academic and behavioural improvement has also been marked down on Bregoli’s list, meaning that she is starting to actually turn her life around for the better and take things a little more seriously than she did before. Bregoli received a chance to release a statement and claimed that she was with a friend from the past who she really shouldn’t have been with and that she regrets it. 

People agreeing she deserves this kind of sentencing for her crimes and how she acts in public. 

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All in all, the “cash me outside” girl seems to be hopping down off of her podium and is settling down a little bit more. People hope that this five-year probation sentencing will make Bregoli a better person and hope that she will change her ways, so she doesn’t erupt into something she’s not. The Internet is buzzing about her being on probation now and are curious to see the outcome of Bregoli, the majority of the people, though, are happy that she got this sentencing but have no faith about her turning into a good person afterwards.

The Twitter user using her famous catch phrase once they heard the new. 

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Twitter users expressing their distaste for Bregoli when they heard she was sentenced. 

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