Girl Finds Out Her Dad Is Now A Trending Meme For Most Outrageous Reason But Her Response Is Winning

Life is weird.

One day you’re just genuinely feeling happy, and the next morning you wake up and find out that your dad is now the most famous meme on the internet. How great is that? Now, that’s something you don’t see every day, now do you? Well, it might not have happened to you or me, but it certainly happened to this one girl named Alex.

So basically this is what happened. Recently, a Twitter User took a selfie while casually walking on the streets of Manhattan. However, she didn’t realize she was being Photobombed by a man standing behind her. But the worst part is that the man wasn’t just photobombing he was “apparently” checking out her breast. So the girl uploaded the picture on Twitter with a caption that says “Wowwwewww.”

This is the picture.

In moments, this selfie went viral, and a lot of people liked and retweeted it. However, the girl who uploaded this picture wasn’t expecting a response from Alex.

This is what she said.

After seeing her dad on the internet, Alex shared some “Fun facts.” She said that her Dad is blind from one eye, so due to bad timing there’s a chance the picture “looks worse than it is.”

This is what she Tweeted.

And putting everything aside, she shared a picture of her father and expressed her love for him.

However, everything took an exciting turn when the original poster replied to Alex.

Now even though everything was cool between the two, the people on the internet just couldn’t control themselves and responded to the whole situation in a hilarious way.

Here are some of the best comments.


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