Girl Finds $20 That Wasn’t Meant For Her In A Twix Bag Her Mother Gave Her & Things Took A Hilarious Turn

Surprise, surprise!

Everyone knows how difficult it is to decline an act of generosity of a host. It requires certain furtive measures to be taken after a lot of negotiations. But even then, while some are controlled into inadvertently accepting the “allurement”, others discover ways to leave it behind. Well, this story is a superb proof that things don’t always go as planned.

Last month, Tumblr user Gabrielle shared her hilarious story of visiting her home for dinner and coming back with something totally unexpected. While having dinner with her parents, her mother shared her story about having a get-together with her friends and how the host, Martha, was so generous to buy all her friends separate snacks and treats for the party.

But that’s not what we’re interested in, what happens after is the good part. Gabrielle’s mother, being the kind woman she is, tried to pay Martha for the snacks she had provided but obviously, Martha wasn’t going to accept that. I mean, what kind of host would she be if she took money for the food, right? So Gabrielle’s mom just put the $20 on the counter and left with the snacks. When home, she gave the snacks to her daughter which she took to her university with her. And what happens after that is just going to leave you laughing really hard. So read on.

Just a regular Twix bag, isn’t it?

Not really, though. Let’s read the fascinating story behind this mysterious Twix bag.

Such a kind gesture.

But wait, there’s more to come.

Intrigued yet?

Wait for it.

Aaaaannnnddd the bag opens…

Wait, what’s that!?

A twenty-dollar bill!

Honestly, this just left me in hysterics.

I never watched Glee, so I kind of missed a lot.

They would have been so pissed when they found out.

I know right!

Hate it when they stand in the line and keep arguing.

Weird as in?

Lol, the right thing for you.

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