Girl Had To FaceTime For 15 Minutes To Convince This Old Woman That She Isn’t Her Son Dorian

I’m sure at some point in our lives, all of us have experienced talking to a stranger on call who accidentally dialed the wrong number.

For some people (introverts perhaps), that’s undoubtedly an awkward situation but trust me, there are worse situations than this. Have you ever been in a situation where the stranger just wouldn’t believe they dialed the wrong number? Well, this lady, who goes by the name of Rasheida (@thesheidashow) on Twitter, went through the exact same situation.

A woman wanted to speak to her son Dorian, but she texted Rasheida instead. While Rasheida tried her best to explain to the lady that she’s trying on the wrong number, but the woman just wouldn’t accept it. Strange, isn’t it?

15 minutes of FaceTime!? Are you serious? Did you have her son’s face too?

Okay, I would have reacted more aggressively if I had received a picture of a stitched up leg by a stranger! Seriously, wtf!?

Is she right in the head? I mean, why else wouldn’t you believe her!? She even sent her picture. Though I wouldn’t send my picture to a stranger, ever.

Nope, she wouldn’t accept it. Not at all.

Rasheida, how are you so calm? I wonder.

Finally! I am glad she got convinced that she’s not talking to her son and didn’t say, “Oh Dorian, put off that mask.”

Of course, Twitter had a lot to say.

Did you think that’s it? Noooooope.

The story didn’t end. Rasheida became a celebrity on Twitter after she uploaded her conversation which received about 280,000 likes and people retweeted her post. 63,000 retweets, to be precise. YES, that’s a lot!

After all the fame Rasheida got, she thought to give some credit to Dorian’s mom too because it was that lady who made her famous anyway. So she called up Dorian’s mom on Facetime and told her how the tweet went viral.

Have you guys seen the caption, isn’t that sweet? What would you have done in Rasheida’s place?

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