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This Girl Explained What Rape Is Actually Like In 11 Tweets & It Can't Get More Accurate Than This

This Girl Explained What Rape Is Actually Like In 11 Tweets & It Can’t Get More Accurate Than This

Rape is a very serious matter.

It’s an attack on someone’s dignity, self-respect, ability, and their humanity. It’s not excusable, and the victim is never at fault. It has nothing to do with what they said, what they wore, where they wore, how they wore it, none of that matters. Rape is rape, and it is never the victim’s fault. And yet, this is an incredibly difficult concept for some people to comprehend.

@_clvrarose | Twitter

A woman who has a twitter account under the name @clvrarose made a series of tweets that promptly went viral. The tweets responded to the idea that the victim was somehow “asking for it.” No one is ever “asking for it,” whether it’s rape, domestic violence, or anything that infringes upon their human identity. That’s just not how the world works.

And also, even if in some version of reality, they were asking for it, they are still the victim, and the other person still committed a severe crime. Whether or not the victim was “asking for it” or not is stupid, because it still happened, and it’s still very freaking wrong.

“Oh they got aroused, so they were enjoying it.”

@_clvrarose | Twitter

No, it’s not. It’s like saying that someone flinched because I was about to hit them, so they obviously knew I was going to hit them. That they knew it was going to happen, so it’s their fault.

What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do to get to that?

@_clvrarose | Twitter

Seriously, she’s not wrong. What’s so bloody difficult to understand? Rape isn’t just a violation of someone’s body; it’s a violation of someone’s mind. Victims HATE themselves for how their body reacted under those circumstances.


@_clvrarose | Twitter

In the end, she gives people who disagree with facts an ultimatum

@_clvrarose | Twitter

And the Twitterverse is rejoicing. They’re calling her a gift

@xo_rilee | Twitter

They thanked her for sharing her thoughts

@tisoki | Twitter

And they agreed with everything she said

@GeorgiaRPitman | Twitter

@_clvrarose has her own blog known as The Rose, and her Twitter can be found here. Not only is the internet happy and over the moon with her response, everyone else is too! Her PSA is accurate and honest, and something that is far too often ignored. The entire thread earned over 6.9 thousand retweets and over 7 thousand likes, and if you ask me, that’s still way too less.


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