Girl Dumped BF After Internet Urged Her To Do So Over Body-Shaming Texts He Sent To Her

This isn’t a heartbreaking story.

I implore you not to look at it like that. It is a story of a woman who goes on a self-discovering journey, learns to love herself, and ends up shedding a shocking 180 pounds! The internet implored her to, and if you were on Twitter during the time she was going viral, maybe you told her to drop that weight too.

It started with her boyfriend saying that she was starting to get a little chubby. That she was getting a bit of a “beer gut” and she was understandably hurt by it, so posted about it. The internet was outraged, and all asked her to cut back the extra weight.

She didn’t love herself, and didn’t feel happy at all. When the internet suggested she cut out a staggering 180lbs, and she went through with it, you can bet she felt happier and more at ease. Sometimes, losing weight is exactly what you need to do to feel better about yourself.


These were the messages they exchanged.

Over this picture.

Shelby said that she hasn’t really gained weight since.



And the suggestions people gave were marvelous.


She had an undying support.


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