Guy Kept Asking This Girl For Shower Pics But She Dodged It Like A Pro & The Internet Is Loving It

The collective effect of flirting, seduction and the ultimate frustration.

To all the girls reading this, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seducing a guy to the point of absolute frustration. May it be out of pure intent or as a tactical measure to get rid of creeps, in either case, it is pure entertainment, and you can’t deny it.

In case if you don’t know what pure frustration feels like then just picture yourself as the guy in the chats below. You see, this guy indirectly asked a girl, and the girl instead of lashing out and getting angry handled the situation so well that you will applaud for her creativity!

Now, let’s see what one should do when someone asks you for n*des. Everybody, take notes!


That’s how it all started. One simple text.

And it wasn’t long before the actual request was made.

That’s A LOT of layers. How is she doing this?!

“Let’s take a look, shall we?” (IYKWIM)

Dammit, not again!

This is escalating faster than I thought.

Okay, I wasn’t expecting this one.

Tch, tch. Poor guy.

“For goodness sake, please just show already!”

And voila!

It appears people liked the whole conversation a lot!

On a lighter note!

Well, wasn’t that something! What do you guys think? Comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us!

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